CRUMILLA _ handmade leather wallets

the Crumilla Collection

In former times people used little pouches to carry their money, in Latin called ‘Crumilla’.

Designer Marcia Nolte wanted to make a wallet suiting your identity. According to her, a wallet is a personal and essential property which you carry day by day. From this point of view the Crumilla collection got its existence: unique, handmade wallets, in which choice of colour and the radiation of the leather is given the most attention to.

By Marcia Nolte

The whole CRUMILLA Collection is produced in my studio in Amsterdam North. Between the walls of the old shipyard NDSM I run my own design studio since 2011, where I work in concept and product design. I favour to work with everyday materials and behavings and challenge myself and the viewer to acknowledge the quality of it.

During the design process, research plays an important part. An extensive search for technical and (art)historical information proceeds the designing. In this way I trie to capture the roots of the material and from here reconstruct the design.


In the Netherlands, Marcia is looking small leather suppliers for pieces of leather which are appropriate for her wallets. The supply of the small bulks leather determines the small and changing collections, that’s what makes every wallet unique. The use of leather highlights the existence of the identity of the wallets; Marcia is fascinated how the leather develops in the hands of the user. 


To distinguish your Crumilla from every other one, it is given a hand stamped number.


The wallet is made of leather cut forms, which is hand carved and folded. With a few details everything is held together. The amount of foldings defines the possibilities of each model in the collection:

CRUMILLA Small has one compartment to keep all your personal belongings together, CRUMILLA Medium has three compartments, inclusive the pouch area for coins. Depending on your way of carrying money, one of these models will fit you the best.

photo: Marieke de Bra

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